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Professional Degree Paths for Undergraduates

Architectural education is a rich experience that appeals to a variety of students from many backgrounds. And, because not everyone has the same goals, we’ve developed a number of paths for undergraduate students to study architecture and the built environment. Students can choose from architecture or one of the allied professions of urban planning, construction management, or environmental and interior design. The following table describes the degree paths that lead to these different professions.


Professional Preference Professional Path Credit/years What to apply for



     B.A. + M.Arch.

NOTE: Students admitted to the B.A. Architectural Studies degree prior to 2014 must follow the 4-year, 124-credit curriculum in place at the time of their admission. See the KU Catalog>>.

Each path leads to a graduate, professional degree.  Students admitted to the School have two paths that lead to a professional Master of Architecture degree.  Those wishing to enter the professions of planning, construction management and environmental/interior design can follow fast-track “4+1” programs that combine study for the B.A. Architectural Studies with course work required in the respective graduate professional degrees.

Many students enter the study of architecture firm in their belief that they’ve made the right choice of a career.  As their knowledge of the profession of architecture and its many allied professions expands and as they become aware of how their skills, talents and interests fit within these different fields, they sometimes feel trapped by their initial choice of professional degree, especially if they’ve already invested several years of study in a degree that just doesn’t seem to fit.

By entering through the B.A. degree platform, professional options remain open for the first two years of study. Students have a chance to compare different professions and find the best fit for their skills, talents and special interests. They are also able to avoid the expense (and time) of changing to a different degree and taking courses they might have missed. In other words, options for change in the career path are still available after the first two years for students who begin with the platform B.A. degree.

All of the degree paths described above include sequenced studio classes that teach skill development and integrative methods, specialized professional support classes that supply technical and professional knowledge, and electives that emphasize the more general skills, talents and bodies of knowledge needed to succeed in competitive professions. All of the degree paths incorporate the KU Core Curriculum and all of the paths that are based on the B.A. require students to complete one of KU’s Undergraduate Certificate Programs in Leadership, Research, Entrepreneurship, Global Awareness, Social Responsibility, Arts Engagement or Service Learning.

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