Transfer Credits

Transferring Credits to KU

Students wishing to transfer credits to KU for General Education Elective credits should visit the Admissions and Scholarships web site at KU to make sure the course(s) will transfer to KU for the correct course.  Please visit the site, find the state the college is in, find the college and check the list of courses.  Courses on the left are the outside institution courses.  On the right side is how they will transfer to KU.  If a course is not listed on this site does not mean it will not transfer but may mean that the Admissions Office has not evaluated the course.  If you wish to have a course evaluated, please contact the Admissions Office.

If the course you are finding that a course is transferring to KU as XXX  U

For example: Engl  U  the U means “undesignated” and this means the course you are taking does not transfer as the course you need at KU.  Please check with Barb Seba in Architecture if this is the case.  The decision to count the course in your curriculum may depend on course content.

Transfer courses must be graded C- or better to transfer to KU and count for credit towards your program requirements.>>