History Summary

More than 108 years of excellence in architectural education

The excellence of the KU Architecture Program and its students and alumni is derived from the excellence of its faculty, students and alumni. Since architect and educator Goldwin Goldsmith started building our architecture program in 1912, the faculty has been characterized by a living connection to the most important and respected intellectual trends and movements in architectural education and a cosmopolitanism that includes professional experiences in architecturally important centers of activity.

Our students benefit from a network of personal contacts and experiences with some of the leading and legendary members of the field. We endeavor to promote a diversity of training and experience that is international in scope and attitude. We provide an affinity for rational and scientific approaches to architectural design and an openness to experimentation, and finally instill in our students an aesthetic sensibility that is at once, sustainable, rooted in historic precedent, and socially humane.

We have a unique and remarkable heritage and the historical momentum of excellence in architectural education.