Major Areas of Concentrations in PhD 

Our PhD program approaches architecture as an integrated discipline that combines the creative, technical and social dimensions of the building process.  Although a doctoral student may wish to concentrate his or her studies within one of these architectural dimensions, it is assumed that every program of study will require an appreciation for and understanding of the ways these dimensions combine to form humane, rational, and appropriate built forms.  Assuming this theoretical framework, our program offers Ph.D. in the following areas of concentration:

  • Architecture, Culture, & Behavior
  • Architecture, Health, & Wellness
  • Building Performance & Design Computation
  • History, Theory, & Criticism in Architecture
  • Urban Planning

Within each area of concentration, the student may focus a program of research at a variety of building scales and within a range of academic and professional settings.  Architecture, in this sense, can be seen as any environment that supports human habitation, from individual rooms to urban spaces, and any process that results in the production of built form, from artistic expression to scientific inquiry.

To fulfill their aspiration with the framework defined here, our PhD students, along with their major professor, define a program of study that leads coherently to an in-depth understanding of a definable major area.  Our program is one of the few that does not pre-define these options; rather we seek to be responsive to both the great diversity in relevant architectural inquiry as well as be responsive to the rapid changes now occurring in the discipline.