MA Program Requirements 

Our MA students need to complete at least 36 credit hours of course work to get their degree. The course work includes 12 hours of foundation courses, 12 hours of courses in a major area of research, 6 hours of guided study leading to a comprehensive exam, and a research thesis or a final project.

The 12 hours foundation courses include two required courses in theories and methods of architectural inquiry and two graduate level courses in any two of the following five areas of research:

(1) Health and Wellness
(2) History/Theory
(3) Public Interest
(4) Technology/Practice
(5) Urban/Social Issues

In addition to the foundation courses, each student must complete a minimum of 12 graduate hours in a sequence of courses in one of the five areas of concentrations listed above. A minimum of 6 of these hours must be taken in one of the established concentrations in the Department. With the consent of the student’s Major Professor and the approval of the MA/Ph.D. Committee of the Department, the student may take a maximum of 6 hours of graduate credit in course work outside the Design. 6 hours in the 36-hour course of study are composed of guided studies to prepare for a final written examination, and another 6 hours are composed of coursework in which the student prepares a thesis or a project in the student’s area of research concentration.