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Master of Arts in Architecture

The post-professional M.A. in Architecture offers 2 distinct programs. The architectural management program is oriented to the administration and practice of architecture and related disciplines.

The research-based academic program is offered on the Lawrence campus. It is for the student who is interested in exploring various approaches in analyzing the built environment. A student with an undergraduate degree in architecture or a related discipline may enter this course of study. To receive the master’s degree, each student must complete an academic or design-related project or must take a comprehensive examination at the end of the plan of study.

This program is for the student who is interested in the study of architecture from an academic and scholarly perspective. A student who wishes to pursue graduate study in architecture at KU must submit a statement of intent detailing academic interests and career goals. Students from this program have established a strong academic tradition and won honors in national research competitions. The key to their success has been the careful selection of research topics and the ways these topics have paralleled the academic and professional interests of the architecture faculty.

For students admitted to the academic/research program at the master’s level in architecture in Lawrence, a total of 36 credit hours of course work is required. Each student must enroll in a 3-hour course dealing with research methods.

In addition to the core courses, each student must complete a minimum of 15 graduate credit hours in a concentration. With the consent of the student’s advisor and the approval of the graduate studies committee, the student may take a maximum of 12 hours of graduate credit in course work outside the School of Architecture, Design and Planning. 6 hours in the 36-hour course of study are composed of course work in which the student prepares a written project or thesis, or in additional course work in the student’s concentration to prepare for a final written examination.