History, Theory, & Criticism in Architecture

The aim of History Theory and Criticism concentration is to produce cutting-edge scholarship in the field of architectural history, philosophy and theory. The courses in this concentration offers a wide ranges of topics that includes architectural historiography, discourse analysis, analytical methodology, critical survey of architectural history around the globe, and the emerging issues that set the current philosophical and disciplinary debates. Allied faculty members and research students investigates the socio, political, philosophical and material context of architecture to understand the broader shifts of the discipline and its impact on society, and vice versa over time. The main goal of this research cluster is to identify and use novel research methods in architectural history and theory to understand the relationship among changing social dynamics, evolving technology, and built environment. 

Students are highly encouraged to pursue advanced theory and methodology courses offered in the fields of humanities and social sciences, in addition to those offered in the School of Architecture, Design, and Planning, in order to develop an interdisciplinary intellectual context for their research inquiries.  A list of recommended courses is given here (provide a link to the list of recommended courses here).

The faculty members serving on the committees of our students in this area are:

  • Dr. Farhan Karim
  • Dr. Marie-Alice L’Heureux
  • Dr. Mahbub Rashid
  • Prof. Kent Spreckelmeyer, D.Arch, FAIA
  • Dr. Kapila Silva