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Design Build Track II

Design Build (Track II: 2+ Year Program)

The architecture program at KU has a historical tradition of taking a “hands on, minds on” approach to learning architecture. Beginning in 1998, our award-winning Studio 804 has taken this pedagogical approach to its logical conclusion: having students collaboratively design and build moderate priced housing that retains a high degree of architectural integrity. The typical house construction period is compressed into a nine month period that sees the students covering every aspect of a Design/Build practice. With the exception of the licensed trades (electric, plumbing and heating/air conditioning), every aspect of design and construction is carried out by the students. The result of this intense 9 month period provides the community with an affordable house while furthering the students' knowledge and experience in applicable professional architectural and building practices. This course frames the capstone experience for those in the Design-Build track. And quite the experience it is. In both 2004 and 2006, the affordable housing built by these students won Architecture magazine’s Home of the Year, and the experience was the first winner of the NCARB Prize for Creative Integration of Practice and Education. If your goal is to be innovative in the architectural delivery process, this is the program for you.

This 75 credit (typical) option is crafted so as to prepare students for leadership roles in firms developing progressive models of project delivery. The coursework emphasizes tectonic approaches to architectural design, construction and fabrication.

Potential electives include:

  • Materials Investigation
  • CAD/CAM Technologies
  • Building with Intelligence
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Architect-led Design-Build
  • Advanced Design-Build for Architects
  • Construction Project Management

Core Faculty
The core faculty of this track provide a rich, multidisciplinary resource to students and include award winning professors, practitioners and leaders in design and fabrication processes.