Safety Rules for the CNC

Safety Rules for the CNC

1. Do not leave the room while it is on, at least one person should be in the room at all times observing the machine when it is running.

2. Do not put your hand or any other part of your body any closer than 6 inches to the bit when it is moving. The router will not stop and can cause severe damage.

3. If the bit breaks or something seems to be broken or misbehaving, hit the pause button on the computer screen. If it needs to be shut off immediately press the red emergency stop button on the front of the bed.

4. Make sure no screws are on the path of the router. The screw will break the bit and will normally stay embedded into the project, but is capable of flying off and hitting someone.

5. After use of the machine clean the floor and all of your excess material out of the room, the sawdust on the floor and scraps can be hazardous and cause an injury.

6. Leave the CNC room clean and the way it was when you began your project. The CNC tech is not responsible for cleaning.

7. Check and empty the vacuum bag frequently. When you are complete with your project empty the vacuum. The CNC tech is not responsible for emptying.

8. Use hearing protection while the CNC is running.

9. Wear protective safety glasses when the CNC is running.

10. Do not disconnect the main vacuum line of the CNC if you wish to clean excess dust off of the work. Instead, use the smaller portable vacuum in the shop.

11. There will be no milling or machining between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. Just like working in the shop with other power tools, you need to be rested and focused on the CNC process.