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Master of Architecture

M.ARCH. Path

M.Arch. Plan (180 credits)

The 180-credit Master of Architecture (M.Arch. I) path involves a minimum of five years of study. Students earn the professionally-accredited degree necessary for becoming a licensed architect. Those who are admitted to the 5-year path enroll in design studio, technical and support classes, and electives each semester.

The core of the curriculum is a sequence of design studios composing approximately one-third of the total degree requirements. Students also complete sequences in graphics, structures, building construction, environmental technology, and architectural history and meet a study abroad requirement. Course work in site planning, urban design, and professional practice completes the professional content.

In addition to professional courses, students are expected to complete course work in a variety of academic disciplines, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of architecture. These general education requirements include courses in mathematics, physics, English, communications, humanities and Western civilization, fine arts, and the natural and social sciences.

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