A list of recommended courses for our students in Building Performance & Design Computation

A list of recommended courses for our students in Building Performance & Design Computation

ARCH 530: Environmental Systems I

ARCH 531: Environmental Systems II

ARCH 600: Special Topics in Architecture

ARCH 626: Building Technology I: Construction Systems and Assemblies

ARCH 629: Listening to Architecture

ARCH 635: Visualizing Airflow In and Around Buildings

ARCH 690: Architecture Study Abroad

ARCH 700: Directed Readings in Architecture:

ARCH 720: Architectural Acoustics

ARCH 721: Electro-Acoustical Systems

ARCH 730: The Environmental Psychology of Health and Well-Being

ARCH 731: Architecture of Health

ARCH 735: Graduate Seminar in Environmental Systems

ARCH 799: Independent Study

ARCH 800: Special Topics in Architecture

ARCH 930: Doctoral Seminar I

ARCH 931: Theories of Architectural Inquiry

ARCH 951: Methods of Inquiry in Architectural Research

ARCH 958: Research Practicum Preparation

ARCH 959: Research Practicum

ARCH 999: Doctoral Dissertation

ARCE 650: Illumination Engineering

ARCE 660: Building Thermal Science

ARCE 750: Daylighting

ARCE 751: Advanced Lighting Design

ARCE 752: Lighting Measurement and Design

ARCE 760: Automatic Controls for Building Mechanical Systems

ARCE 764: Advanced Thermal Analysis of Buildings

ELPS 871: Introduction to Qualitative Research

EVRN 701: Climate Change, Ecological Change, and Social Change

EVRN 720: Topics in Environmental Studies

PSYC 693: Multivariate Analysis

PSYC 790: Statistical Methods in Psychology I

PSYC 791: Statistical Methods in Psychology II

PSYC 818: Experimental Research Methods in Social Psychology

PSYC 882: Theory and Method for Research of Human Environments

PUAD 836: Introduction to Quantitative Methods

PUAD 937: Qualitative Methods in Public Administration

SOC 812: Analytic Methods in Sociology

SOC 813: Field Methods and Participant Observation

SW 730: Human Behavior in the Social Environment

SW 847: Grant-writing and Fundraising

SW 979: Methods of Qualitative Inquiry

SW 981: Advance Quantitative Research Methods

SW 988: Mixing Methods in Social science Research

UBPL 738: Environmental Planning Techniques