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Gregory Crichlow

School of Architecture & Design - Architecture
Assistant Professor
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Scale: Movement: Equity: As we look to increase accessibility in our everyday this my focus is on how we as broad scale designers look to affect movement through the built space with the detail of industrial design.

My lens of investigation shall be framed through the use of a bicycle and its potential for connectivity, urban scale manipulation and equity. The bicycle will be my primary focus of initiation that will bring clarity to a broader conversation about efficient, sustainable public spaces. I look at historical precedents and current trajectories and try to understand the role the bicycle has played in the conception and execution of the built environment.

I will initiate with the design and evolution of the bicycle and its relationship with public use and opinion. I look to understand the possible value of equating the bicycle’s means and methods of fabrication to the potential fabrication of the built environment. In doing so, the potential for a new paradigm for understanding our contextual fabrics is introduced.