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Foundations Studio student wins design competition

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A final project designed by architectural engineering student Nicole Schwartz has won third place in the 2014 Sustainable Versatility Design Competition. The work was done in a Department of Architecture foundations studio taught by graduate teaching assistant Nayma Khan.  

The challenge for the competition, sponsored by the Northeast Lumber Manufacturers Association, was to incorporate the use of eastern white pine into a light commercial construction project set in an urban environment.

Schwartz, who is from Rogers, Ark., designed a community center building for graduate student housing at Dartmouth University. Her concept was to allow people to experience the natural beauty of wood as they moved through this building. The main use of the eastern white pine was as a louvered screen around the building.

The screen acts as a shading device while creating a natural, modern, and clean aesthetic. The second use of the eastern white pine was on the flooring pattern throughout the building. Pine was used for the building’s flooring and structural system.

The Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association is a non-profit trade organization that has represented the softwood lumber industry located in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states since 1933.