Danny Rockhill

School of Architecture & Design - Architecture, Architecture & Design Administration
J.L. Constant Distinguished Professor of Architecture
Primary office:
Marvin Hall, 105
University of Kansas
1465 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, KS 66045


Dan Rockhill is the J L Constant Distinguished Professor of Architecture at the University of Kansas and Executive Director of Studio 804. He and his students have recently completed six LEED Platinum buildings in Kansas; a sustainable prototype for tornado ravaged Greensburg, KS, (the first LEED Platinum in the state), two in Kansas City and three educational facilities including two on KU’s campus. They have also completed two Passive Institute Certifications. Their other awards include three American Institute of Architect’s Honor Awards, two Wood Design Awards, along with Steel Design, Global Housing, Sustainable Design, National Affordable Housing, two time winner of the NCARB Prize,  two time winner of Architecture Magazine’s  “Home of the Year”  and multiple awards from Residential Architect including the Grand Award in 2011.

In all, the work has appeared in nearly two hundred international books, journals and exhibitions and was recognized for the 2006 and 2011 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award. Also, in 2011 they received a Holcim Award from the internationally renowned Swiss Foundation for their work in sustainability.

The book Designing and Building: Rockhill and Associates is available from Amazon or TUNS Press in Halifax, NS.

Recent Awards

2013_International Prize for Sustainable Architecture Fassa Bortolo. Honorable Mention. Galileo’s Pavilion

2013_Engineering News-Record. 2013 Best Projects: Green Project. Merit Award. Galileo’s Pavilion

2012_LEED Platinum. US Green Building Council. Galileo’s Pavilion

2012_American Institute of Architects Kansas Student Honor Award. Galileo’s Pavilion + Center for Design Research

2012_Construction Specifications Institute. Sustainable Education 2012 Award. Studio 804

2012_CPG. Excellence in Concrete 2012. Polished Concrete + Sustainable Concrete. Galileo’s Pavilion

2012_American Architects. Building of the Week. Galileo’s Pavilion

2011_LEED Platinum. US Green Building Council. Center for Design Research

2011_Pre-Certified Passive House. Passive House Institute. Center for Design Research

2011_Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction Award. Center for Design Research

2011_Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award Finalist in Architecture. Studio 804

2011_Evergreen Award, Greenhouse Award 2011. Springfield House

2011_Residential Architect Design Awards 2011. Grand Award. Studio 804

2010_Certified Passive House. Passive House Institute. Prescott Passive House

2010_AIA Central State Award. Prescott Passive House

2010_LEED Platinum. US Green Building Council. Prescott Passive House

2009_LEED Platinum. US Green Building Council. 3716 Springfield

2009_NCARB Prize For Creative Integration of Practice and Education. Greensburg, KS

2009_European Centre for Architecture Art Design & Urban Studies. Green Good Design Award. Greensburg, KS

2008_LEED Platinum. US Green Building Council. Greensburg, KS

2008_Wood Design & Building Magazine. Wood Design Award. Greensburg, KS

2008_Lifecycle Building Challenge. Honorable Mention. Greensburg, KS

2008_Eco Structure Magazine. Evergreen Award Honorable Mention. Greensburg, KS

2008_American Institute of Architects. Education Honor Award for Excellence. Studio 804

2008_Venice Architecture Biennale. Participant. Into the Open: Positioning Practice. Greensburg, KS

2007_Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award in Architecture. Studio 804

2007_Boston Society of Architects. In the Pursuit of Housing. Mod 3 + 2005 Mod 2

2007_Residential Architect Design Awards. Judge’s Award. Mod 3

2007_Lifecycle Building Challenge. Honorable Mention. Mod 3

2006_Architecture Magazine. Home of the Year Award. Mod 3

2006_Residential Architect. Project of the Year Award. Mod 1 + Mod 2

2004_Architecture Magazine. Home of the Year Award. Mod 1


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