B.A.-M.A. Design Path

In a highly competitive economy where the success of a building such as a stadium, restaurant, retail boutique, museum, or theater rests as much on the user’s experience as it does on a building’s performance, cost or look, the successful design of interior environments is critical. Traditional approaches in interior design and interior architecture lack the specialized and technology-based focus on individual experience that an environmental design degree path offers through the special fusion of course work in architecture, interior design and interaction design.

The B.A.-M.A. Environmental Design degree path is offered by the School’s Architecture and Design departments. It allows architecture students to combine the skills and knowledge obtained in the Architectural Studies degree core with basic interior design and interior architecture skills and techniques offered in professional enrichment classes.

Students complete a rigorous sequence of courses in interaction design that includes the research skills needed to design extraordinary spaces that respond to the needs and perceptions of different individuals. In addition, they are trained to use emerging technologies to customize environments for different purposes.

Students in this degree path also have the opportunity to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills in one of KU’s Undergraduate Certificate Programs and, more importantly, they go well beyond the basic professional practice training found in a traditional interior design or interior architecture degree with specialized course work in design management.

In addition to the challenges offered by this rigorous sequence of courses, students can participate in professional internships and they have the opportunity to engage in research projects conducted within the School’s highly recognized Center for Design Research. Within this 154-credit degree path, the B.A. is awarded by the Architecture Department and the NASAD-accredited M.A. in Environmental Design is awarded by the Department of Design.

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