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Architecture lecturer John Trefry publishes novel

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Department of Architecture lecturer John Trefry has published “Plats: A Novel,” his first. He teaches first-year architectural design studio, and practices architecture.

The story is set in Los Angeles, where according to a recent reviewer, “The reader floats through a suite of interchangeable women looking for escape in place-names, in the changing minutiae of their skin and clothing, in the hydrological cycle of a seaside desert, and in the possibilities apparent in one another's lives. They steal each other's shoes, mail, apartments, and identities with the hope of getting one step closer to distinguishing themselves from the refuse of the unchanging city.”

Trefry explained that his career as an architecture and urban designer have been an inspiration to his fiction writing.  “The novel has been a confrontation of American urban environments as a one-size-fits all approach to accommodating our infinitely varying personal preferences. Every person has their own uncontrollable urge to make distinct meaning of their experiences.”

“I approach the practice of writing much more the way I approach architecture,” he said. “I work to create a highly structured space that contains an overabundance of potential, and embraces the inevitability of misuse. My perspective wasn’t directly a product of my practice of architecture, but I think it was absolutely born of involvement in the field.”

Trefry is a founding principal of the work.group and a licensed architect. He spent 11 years with the firm Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects. His experience included managing projects such as the U.S. Courthouse in Austin, and master plans for Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village in New York City. He also taught at SCI-Arc, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Oregon.

John said that he has finished a rough draft of his second novel and has begun revisions. Plats: A novel is available through Amazon.com.